Teaching is a complex job! InfoMentor recognises that you’re the teacher, and understands the number of requirements placed on you. It doesn’t profess to save time – but it does aim to provide you with flexible planning and assessment features that you can adapt to meet your needs and so give you more time to focus on your core purpose: that of teaching and learning.

Information overload
Teachers have to collect information on a daily basis. InfoMentor has the potential to make this more manageable and retrievable. At the touch of a button you can record absences (and send a message home if unauthorised), identify the progress of vulnerable pupils, see how one pupil is progressing across different subjects, compare pupils' assessments, record homework ….. the list is endless.

Just imagine what a difference this could make to you!

It has the potential to:  
  • Save time!
  • Present statistical information in a way that makes sense to you
  • Give you an overview of a class, group or individual pupil.