InfoMentor allows you to view informative data at an individual, group, class, subject and school level. School and class data can inform development planning, whilst individual progress and goals can be shared with pupils, parents and colleagues, so maintaining the focus on helping pupils to meet their goals.

Information sharing

Teachers are accountable for the progress of learners, and for ensuring that all stakeholders are kept fully informed. Having evidence to back up professional judgements is crucial and allows open and honest discussion about the progress of an individual, group, class, department or school. InfoMentor allows you to track progress of an individual pupil across subjects over time. This gives a clear insight into areas of strength and future targets which can easily be communicated to pupils, colleagues and parents. This feature enables you to:

  • Access comments written at the point of learning.
  • View comments from other teachers.
  • Draw together all the information to provide a succinct, meaningful overview of progress.