InfoMentor understands that accurate, relevant assessments are the starting point for any learning journey. The features allow you and your pupils to record on-going assessments against key learning objectives. You can analyse these at the touch of a button in order to monitor and evaluate progress at an individual, group or class level.

Assessment FOR learning
Teachers use a wide range of different strategies to make professional judgements about an individual pupil’s knowledge, skills, attainment and progress. This information is vital for effective teaching, but also difficult to collate, evidence and communicate to others. The features enable you and your pupils to record on-going formative assessments as well as summative assessments. This allows you to:

  • Analyse formative assessments giving an overview of progress against key learning objectives
  • Identify trends and track progress of all groups
  • Evidence the progress of a class, group or individual.
  • Share evidence with pupils, parents and colleagues.