Teaching and Learning framework

InfoMentor draws together all the complex aspects of teaching in a simple, easy to access, format: Plan - Teach - Learn - Assess - Collaborate - Report - Online.

InfoMentor offers unique solutions, adapted to each country's curriculum. Today we offer professional solutions for 1 000 schools in five countries. Our solutions want to enable all pupils to reach their goals.
Learning is at the heart of everything we do. Our online solution will support and evidence your professional judgements in order for you to motivate and engage pupils in more personalised learning experiences.

All your planning systems are gathered into one simple, easy to access format. You can have sight of your own, and other colleagues' planning, making it easy to revise, adapt and improve your plans. This helps you to be creative and flexible whilst maintaining structure and accountability.

We recognise that you’re the teacher! InfoMentor doesn’t profess to save time – but it does aim to provide you with flexible planning and assessment features that you can adapt to meet your needs and so give you more time to focus on teaching and learning.

Accurate, relevant assessments are the starting point for any learning journey. InfoMentor allows you to record on-going, self and peer assessments, and to analyse these at the touch of a button in order to monitor and evaluate progress and inform future teaching.

Teachers regularly report on the progress of their pupils, both formally and informally. In order for reports to be incisive and informative, they need to be based on accurate, up to date individual information. This can be a challenge when every pupil has unique learning needs.
Communication is vital. Features facilitate greater collaboration between teacher and pupil, home and school, and school to school. They enable collaboration with colleagues, not just in your own setting but across the country and even the world! You can share your own learning whilst having access to other people’s knowledge and resources.
InfoMentor brings together the latest advances in technology for you to enrich your teaching by bringing the world into your classroom or organisation, and allowing you to contribute to that world.