For Teachers

Larare.jpg"At last, everything I need is in one place, which saves a lot of time. It means I can spend less time on planning and more time on what really matters, focussing on learning." Secondary School Teacher

‘Teachers make the education of their pupils their first concern,’  Teachers’ Standards (Effective from 2012)

"It's all about learning"
InfoMentor complements traditional teaching practices, allowing teachers to make best use of time to focus on their core moral purpose – that of learning.

InfoMentor  takes all the different strategies that teachers use and stores them in a convenient, easy to access format.  The potential benefits are limitless, and for every individual as they customise InfoMentor to meet their own needs. Teachers have said InfoMentor allows teachers to:

  • It allows me to see all the self assessments from my class over a period of time – instead of looking through thirty books.
  • I can see how my tutor group are performing across whole school, not just their attainment but their attitudes to learning.
  • I can compare and analyse my assessments and compare them to pupils' perceptions.
  • I can easily access information that is buried in pupils’ books.
  • It helps me provide the evidence to support my professional judgements.
  • I can have everything you need ‘at my fingertips’ wherever I am! It solves the problem of getting home and realising I’ve left what I need at school.