For Headteachers

Rektor.jpg"This is just what a school needs, something that is simple but helps teachers to teach and children to learn more effectively." Primary Headteacher

‘Working closely with governors and senior colleagues, it is the head’s job to create a shared vision and strategic plan for the school that inspires students, teachers and the whole school community to give and achieve their best.’
(National College Role profile Headteacher)

A juggling act...
The role of a Headteacher is a complex one, the expectations and demands from individual stakeholders can be wide and varied. The ability to demonstrate and evidence attainment and progress is central to the role. This focus should not provide a distraction to the core moral purpose of teaching: learning. InfoMentor has the capacity to support whole school practice by focussing on learners’ needs. For a Headteacher this will provide:
  • The opportunity for teachers to focus more closely on the learning needs of their pupils that will, in turn, impact positively on attainment.
  • A quick overview of statutory planning requirements and curriculum coverage
  • Consistency of practice across a whole school
  • Insight into individual planning
  • The ability to track ‘the whole child’
  • Information for School Development Planning and performance management targets.
  • Evidence from formative assessments alongside ‘snap shot’ summative assessments
  • Specific statistical data to meet national and local requirements
  • Automatic links to SIMs