Technology and Learning, hand in hand


Young people are to a great extent living their lives in the digital world today. This digital world
includes mobile solutions and social media. The content is not text based anymore. It is instead
all about music, images and films. The gap is widening between the youngsters' life outside the
school in comparison with the hours they spend at school.

New technology is changing and society and parents already expect schools to be part of the
evolution. New technology will change education and learning. New technology will enhance
learning in ways that we are only just starting to understand.

Pupils along with the most progressive teachers are today using all sorts of freeware on the Internet
in combination with their mobile phones. Google Apps and many other free tools are valuable
resources for them when exploring new ways of teaching and learning.

Technology will be used to do new things in a manner that we have never done it in before. Social media
and mobile platforms are among many opportunities available to us to move forward. Learning and new 
ways of learning will be a focus both for schools and private companies.

European schools are moving towards personalised and collaborative learning. However, the implementation
is a complex process and schools are lacking tools to manage it. This trend is fuelling the need for a powerful
and easy to use Teaching and Learning solution that is designed for supporting individualised learning.