InfoMentor incorporates long, medium and short term planning, it brings them all into one simple, easy to access format. You can have sight of your own, and other colleagues' planning, making it easy to revise, adapt and improve your plans. This helps you to be creative and flexible whilst maintaining structure and accountability.
Structure v spontaneity
InfoMentor allows a quick and simple overview of curriculum coverage across the whole organisation, including where and when programmes of study are to be taught, this ensures that statutory requirements are fulfilled and easily monitored. Individual teachers have the facility to organise and revise allocated programmes of study to meet the unique learning needs of their pupils. This enables:
  • Greater opportunity to link the requirements from different subjects.
  • Effective monitoring at a class, subject, department, key stage or school level.
  • A clear pathway through long, medium and short term planning.
  • Evaluation of impact to inform future planning.