How do you learn best? Pinpoint the best way for you to learn in the learning style app!

We are all different. A new app from InfoMentor gives you an individual perspective on how, when and under which conditions you can study to get the best results. The learning style app is available in the App Store and is created in collaboration with InfoMentor and Scandinavia's two leading learning styles experts, Associate Professor Lena Boström and Consultant Svend Erik Schmidt.

Do you prefer studying sitting on a cosy sofa instead of at your desk? Do you get up early to study or do you prefer studying late at night? Do you study with or without music playing? Do you prefer hands-on-learning, or a lecture? We are all different. With the learning style app you can get perspectives on the best ways for you to learn and to achieve your goals.

The app is a self-evaluation tool based on a trialled questionnaire that will help you to pinpoint the best way for you to learn. This app could be used for individuals as well as for teachers who want to find out the learning styles of their students to be able to adapt their instructional methods based on the results. It is also a tool for managers to get more out of both individual staff and the whole team. Not everyone performs well by getting step-by-step instructions. Not everyone learns by sitting in a lecture for half a day.

The learning style app is based on 50 years of research based on the Dunn & Dunn learning style model and learning strategies approaches.

Download it today from the App Store!