InfoMentor understands the vital importance of communication. It can facilitate greater collaboration between teacher and pupil, home and school, and school to school. It also enables collaboration with colleagues, not just in your own setting but across the country and even the world! You can share your own learning whilst having access to other people’s knowledge and resources.

Resource sharing
Teachers spend a large proportion of time making, adapting and personalising resources to meet the unique learning needs of their pupils.  InfoMentor allows you to link resources to learning objectives, keeping them all in one easy to manage format. Each time you revisit objectives you can access resources, add to them … and share with others! That means that you can also have access to other people’s resources and build up your own personalised resource bank on line. This can help you to:

  • Keep everything in one place
  • Track resources used against learning objectives
  • Have easy access to extension or support activities, both in school and at home.