For Pupils

Eleven.jpg"I can set my own goals, when I look back I am amazed at how much I have done. It helps me to know what I know, so I can work out what I do not know!" Year 5 Pupil

‘Independent learners … are able to engage in self reflection and to identify the next steps in their learning. Teachers should equip learners with the desire and the capacity to take charge of their learning through developing the skills of self-assessment.’  (Assessment Reform Group 2003)

'Going for goal!'

If pupils are going to ‘reach their goals’ they need to know what their goals are, where they need to go and how to get there.  Personalised learning is the key to achieving goals, but can be time consuming and difficult to manage.  InfoMentor benefits pupils by:

  • Outlining the big picture by sharing an overview of planning.
  • Enabling individual goals to be agreed and regularly reviewed.
  • Collecting and presenting self-assessments over time.
  • Comparing self-assessments to teacher assessments.
  • Providing a quick and easy link to extension or support materials.
  • Measuring progress against specific learning objectives.

"A teacher must: ‘guide pupils to reflect on the progress they have made and their emerging needs.’
Teachers’ standards 2012