For Parents

Foraldern.jpg"I want to support my children`s learning, sometimes it is difficult to know how to help, but sharing their goals with school makes it a lot easier." Parent of pupils Year 2 and Year 4

‘Most children have two main educators in their lives – their parents and their teachers. Parents are the prime educators until the child attends an early years setting or starts school and they remain a major influence on their children’s learning throughout school and beyond. The school and parents both have crucial roles to play.’ (Department of Education 2008)

Every parent matters!
A close, trusting relationship between home and school is vital to support a child’s learning. Schools use a range of strategies to communicate and receive information – but more can always be done.

Nothing can replace face to face communication, but InfoMentor draws on the latest technologies to complement current practices. For parents, this means they can be kept fully informed and work in collaboration with the school for the benefit of their child by having:

  • An insight into what’s being taught in school – and when.
  • Access to resources to extend or support learning
  • Prior knowledge about key events (and things to be sent in from home.)
  • Quick access to school information
  • The ability to communicate quickly with school, and retain evidence of communications.