It is all about learning, every day

InfoMentor is an online and mobile solution creating the right conditions for learning for pupils, parents and teachers. Teachers spend their time on planning, teaching, assessing, reporting and collaborating, often using several electronic or paper based systems. InfoMentor unites all of these functions in one platform.
InfoMentor supports traditional teaching by providing an easy, flexible solution that can complement, or even replace, existing routines, so allowing greater focus on personalised learning.
For Pupils
"I can set my own goals, when I look back I am amazed at how much I have done. It helps me to know what I know, so I can work out what I do not know!" Year 5 Pupil

For Parents
"I want to support my children`s learning, sometimes it is difficult to know how to help, but sharing their goals with school makes it a lot easier." Parent of pupils Year 2 and Year 4

For Teachers
"At last, everything I need is in one place, which saves a lot of time. It means I can spend less time on planning and more time on what really matters, focussing on learning." Secondary School Teacher

For Headteachers
"This is just what a school needs, something that is simple but helps teachers to teach and children to learn more effectively." Primary Headteacher