From Iceland with love

Purpleheart.jpegInfoMentor started its business in Iceland in 1990. Since then the company has grown substantially, marketing its solution to other European countries seeking strong local partners. In 2007 the company merged with the Swedish company P.O.D.B. In 2010 we started with pilot schools in Switzerland and Germany and in 2011 we started in the UK.

InfoMentor’s company culture can be described as being competitive and passionate, with words like:
• Team spirit
• Competitiveness
• Passion
• Determination

Many of our customers have chosen us for being able to contribute to their work on improving quality in their processes, teaching and learning. They like us for the system we have developed, our ethics, appreciate that we are experts in learning management and that we are working with the established curriculum. These are the things that set us apart from our competition and the reasons why our customers invest in our system and our consulting.